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Manon Casimir aka Sleepyfoot?


Sleepyfoot? is New York City based interdisciplinary artist Manon Casimir-Sainton. Her paintings mirror her synesthesia induced by personal multi-genre sound compositions and mental health experiences. She is self-taught and intersects her work from a background of art, education, and technology.

Sleepyfoot? deeply immerses herself in color, sound, and visuals through lens, mixed-media painting, digital, and audio production. Her work explores themes of identity, spirituality, race, and psychology. Her introspective process includes sound layering, creating colorful templates, and rendering her internal state of being to canvas or digital format for viewers to engage with.

Sleepyfoot?’s work has been exhibited nationally. She has shown locally at Site:Brooklyn,The Sheen Center, Plaxall Gallery, and has been commissioned by music and spirituality based organizations in NYC. In addition, her work has exhibited at a number of art centers including the Orange County Center for Contemporary Art (CA), AnnMarie’s Sculpture Garden and Art Center (MD), and The Art Center at Highland Park (IL).

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